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OCS 2023 Fireside Chat: Kelsey Hightower and Joseph Jacks

Kelsey Hightower is an engineer and thought leader known for his leadership in the Kubernetes community and a former principal engineer for Google Cloud Platform.

Joseph Jacks is the founder and GP of OSS Capital.

Joseph introduces Kelsey - 0:00

What are your perspectives on the intersection of open source and AI, for humanity? - 1:45

Kelsey compares AI to the growth and development of Kubernetes, going from white papers to projects, and discussing the details - 2:43

Kelsey talks more directly about AI’s development compared to humans and the biological computers in people - 4:06

Kelsey talks about models and interfaces that allow people to better control computers, like as a system administrator. - 5:00

What do you see as the biggest ways to inspire young people to create and learn, and inspire people in general? - 7:35

You can express yourself, however you feel. Talks about democratization of AI. - 9:55

Kelsey talks about getting into Kubernetes - 10:52

How do you think about making AI more accessible, like source code that you can read? - 11:30

Kelsey talks about explainability as a demand for AI, as it relates to disputes and laws. - 13:50

What’s your perspective on the new laws being created being for AI and regulations? - 15:45

Kelsey compares liability for software and application of AI to liability for food and other consumer delivery - 17:00

Kelsey closes with the importance of accountability - 18:50

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