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OCS 2023: Andrew Millich (Skiff)

Andrew Millich is the CEO and co-founder of Skiff. After spending years programming in security and autonomous vehicles - and spending time working around the world - Andrew co-founded Skiff. Andrew graduated from Stanford University as a Henry Ford II Scholar.

Andrew introduces presentation and Skiff - 0:29

The origins of Skiff - 0:38

Starting to use encrypted products. - 1:20

The new upcoming standard of privacy. 1:41

Skiff is an end-to-end encrypted private workspace. - 2:15

This is the right way to build collaborative products. - 2:38

Whether as an artist, writer, everyday Internet user, you never know where your data is going unless its end-to-end encrypted. - 3:01

Today’s end-to-end encrypted products. - 3:20

Massive upswell in reaction against Big Tech and their practices/values - 3:50

Skiff goes above and beyond. Private onboarding and values with Skiff. - 4:24

Skiff has more than 2 million users. - 5:21

You can never trust your data unless a product is E2EE (end-to-end encrypted). - 5:45

Open-source and cryptography. - 5:57

Bad track record of closed cryptography. Open-source cryptography is the way to go. - 6:26

Productivity and open source hand-in-hand. - 6:55

Building a great text editor. - 7:30

High surface area for productivity apps. - 8:00

We love working on email. It’s a notification center for your email. - 8:40

Critical you have an email and domain online that you trust. - 9:14

Skiff includes email aliasing service, and annoying sender services. - 9:41

Russia banning Skiff - 11:06

Making sure your product is compliant. - 11:50

Seeing the banning as an opportunity, to showcase values. - 12:15

Compliance forms around encryption in applications. - 12:40

Governments becoming more interested in getting hands on encrypted data. - 13:07

Anti-encrypted movements going on around the world. - 13:40

All of these rights we’re seeing being eroded in Western countries. - 14:20

Skiff has more than 2 million users, evolving into a productivity suite. - 14:41

Being transparent when building privacy focused products. - 15:20

How to get involved and contribute to Skiff. - 15:59

Encrypting and storing data on IPFS - 16:20

Any questions? - 16:50

How much is E2EE in the sales pitch for companies, where people might not care as much? Is privacy enough to get people to switch? - 17:00

Steep drop-off if your product isn’t good. - 18:00

Building a great UX product. Years of building great features. Privacy to trust you, and features to get people to switch their workflows. - 18:25

Who stores the keys in your products? - 19:20

Users store the keys. Difficult UX problem for account recovery. - 19:45

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