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OCS 2023: Liquid AI

Ramin Hasani (CEO & Co-founder) and Mathias Lechner, (CTO) from Liquid AI

Introduction to presentation - 0:17

Machine learning in real-world system β€” driving example. - 0:35

Driving performance of NCP with reliable computation β€” 2:16

Exploring different ML systems and solutions β€” 3:32

Standard deep neural network β€” 4:12

LTC Network β€” 6:07

Liquid Neural Networks β€” 7:27

LiquidAI’s investors β€” 8:26

Demonstration of Liquid’s current product β€” 9:14

Liquid AI’s products: Liquid Foundation Models and Liquid Domain-Specific β€” 12:47

The LiquidAI team β€” 14:30

Can LiquidAI be self-hosted? - 15:17

Is it trained on mainstream chips, or will it be custom chips? - 15:58

Question about parameter efficiency of the architecture β€” 16:50

Question about benchmarks β€”Β 17:59

Question on the scaling laws of the models β€” 21:59

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