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OCS 2023: Jay Graber (Bluesky)

Jay Graber is the CEO of Bluesky, as well as a digital rights activist, a cryptocurrency engineer, and a social founder.

Jay Graber introduces the AT Protocol and history of the technology and company - 0:00

Jay discusses the release of Bluesky and upcoming federation plans - 1:30

Bluesky Social, the public benefit company - 1:48

Goal: To make usable, open-source social media that makes social a public commons like the web itself - 2:33

Why make social a public commons? - 2:58

What needs to change, according to the AT protocol? - 3:57

How does AT Protocol help accomplish those things? - 4:40

What’s possible on an open protocol? Unique features of Bluesky - 5:20

Showing off Custom Feeds - 7:33

Discussing moderation features and composable moderation - 9:32

AT Protocol Overview - 11:11

Atproto ecosystem - 14:29

Opening up federation in 2024 - 16:01

Invite code and closing - 17:05

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