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OCS 2023 Fireside Chat: Daniela Rus (CSAIL MIT, Liquid AI)

Daniela Rus is the director of CSAIL (MIT) and the founder of Liquid AI. She is a MITRE senior visiting fellow, serves as a USA expert member for GPAI (Global Partnerships in AI), a member of the board of advisers for Scientific American, a member of the Defense Innovation Board, and a member of several other boards of technical companies.

Joseph Jacks is the founder and GP of OSS Capital.

Joseph introduces Daniela - 0:00

What are the biggest areas that are top of mind when it comes to AI? Any high-level thoughts on LiquidAI and the team? - 1:15

Daniela recounts the history of the original neural networks in the mid-20th Century - 3:20

Daniela shares three buckets of problems that are important for AI today. - 4:30

Closing comments on AI and the open-source community - 8:40

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