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OCS 2023: Curtis Northcutt (Cleanlab)

Curtis Northcutt is the founder of Cleanlab.

Introduction to Curtis and Cleanlab - 0:00

A big finding from Jeff Hinton, to automatically and systematically detect a label error — 1:27

The MNIST database has been cited over 30,000 times. Walking through the errors - 2:56

Background at MIT working on this — 5:56

Lesson: The best model is only as good as the data it learns from — 7:40

Lesson: Data and label issues affect the biggest AI tech — 8:11

Lesson: The top 10 most-used ML test sets all have label issues - 13:07

A real-world view on test accuracy - 18:07

Cleanlab's growth and users - 21:02

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