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OCS 2023: Emily Omier

Emily Omier is a Positioning Strategy Consultant with Emily Omier Consulting, focused on working with open-source startups.

Emily introduces her work with open-source companies β€”Β 0:27

Emily introduces presentation topic: lessons learned over the years β€”Β 1:04

5 Lessons β€”Β 1:14

  1. Open source companies are a mind game, for your whole team β€” 3:38

  2. Selling to governments β€”Β 6:14

  3. Thinking outside the monetization box. There are more monetization models than you think. - 9:25

  4. Being intentional about relationship between product and project β€”Β 13:00

  5. Business value of open-source to your company. Why does open source matter to your business outcomes? β€” 14:55

  6. Don’t be the cheap option β€”Β 18:56

  7. Focus, focus, focus β€”Β 19:37

  8. There is no one-size-fits-all playbook - 20:21

Closing thoughts β€”Β questions to ask yourself about your open-source company. - 21:28

Audience question about open-source projects not paying attention to closed competition. - 22:45

Audience question about the need for certifications when it comes to selling to governments β€” 24:50

Audience question about building love from developers while also commercializing the product β€” 25:55

Audience question about how commercial open-source projects get started, what is the order? β€”Β 28:15

Audience question: What if your product or offering isn’t something that the government knows they want or need? How to sell to them? β€”Β 29:46

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