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OCS 2020 Breakout: Aliza Carpio & Rocio Montes

Aliza Carpio is technology evangelist at Intuit. In her role, she focuses on initiatives that create an awesome tech culture for technologists, which helps build Intuit's tech brand. She started her career as systems engineer and has followed her passion for learning which has led her current role. She is a lead Innovation Catalyst at Intuit who coaches teams within and outside of Intuit on design thinking and best practice on experimentation. She is inventor with over 10 filed patents and podcast host (Tech Heroes). Outside of work, she helps female led micro businesses grow their business using social media platforms and coaches San Diego-based startups on design thinking. She was speaker at GHC 2019 and is GHC 2020 Open Source co-chair. Aliza graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

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Rocio Montes is a Staff Software Engineer leading Open Source and Inner Source at Intuit. She works in the Intuit Office of the Chief Architect, creating tools and solutions that make the Open Source & Inner Source initiatives successful. She is a true community builder, and works globally to connect and collaborate with software engineers to deliver global end-to-end solutions. She is currently Co-Chair for Grace Hopper Conference' Open Source Day '20

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Aliza Carpio and Rocio Montes share their journey in creating a leading OSPO at Intuit.

Building an Open Source office on a shoestring budget - Introduction - 0:00

A bit about Intuit (Learn more on - 1:00

Argo Community (Rocio talks about Argo - one of the most popular projects to come out of Intuit. Create Kubernetes native workflows, events, continuous innovation and continuous deployments. How Argo entered into Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s incubator. Argo is used at Adobe, Alibaba, Blackrock, Github, IBM and Tesla, among many other companies. ) - 1:38

Karate (Karate is a DSL for writing web-service acceptance tests.) - 4:18

The Problem (How to find and retain top tech talent? How to answer to a hunger within the engineering community to contribute to OSS projects?) - 5:56

The Journey (How Aliza and Rocio started as a two person team with a $5k budget. From declaration of Intuit engineering culture to Truffle Shuffle, a first OSS project by a female engineer.) - 8:13

Breaking down the recipe (3 keys to behaviour change: give clear direction, find the emotional connection and reduce obstacles. How to enter the experimentation mindset and how to help your engineers by automating parts of the pipeline. Open Source Rewards program. Promoting OSS as a part of every Intuit’s engineer onboarding experience. How to give your OSS program β€œa face”.) - 11:46

The Benefits (Rocio talks about what Intuit got from all of this: zero to 11 female maintainers, grew OSS projects by 4x, presence at Hacktoberfest, KubeCon, GHC20.) - 21:26

Internal and External Benefits (Some of the benefits are not necessarily tangible: engineer pride, increased diversity in types of Intuit Open Source, builds tech brand) - 23:55

(Closing remarks). - 25:30

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