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OCS 2020 Breakout: Lucia Loher, Jina AI

Lucia Loher helped develop a global ecosystem around emerging technologies in the AI and IoT space for a corporate giant (Microsoft). Then, she started looking for a new adventure that would align her career with her passion for open-source, a very dynamic environment, and of course cutting edge AI technology. She found it in Berlin, working at Jina and with a passionate team of developers to expand the product portfolio beyond the core to enhance ease of use and accessibility for all types of developers.

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The Balancing act at Jina AI: Managing product development across internal and external engineers as well as open-source and commercialization strategies.

Introduction to presentation and topics - 0:00

Who we are at Jina - 1:!0

What is the value at Jina? Looking at key value propositions - 3:45

Walking through examples - 6:35

Jina’s product development. Open-source from Day 1 and community first β€” 8:30

Jina’s Open Source Product Management Process - 10:35

Key Challenges and Differentiations with Jina β€” 16:28

Current Product Ecosystem and Commercialization - 22:30

Walking through Jina Cloud β€” 24:57

Resources to connect and learn more - 27:50

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