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OCS 2020 Breakout: Astrid Atkinson

Astrid Atkinson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Camus Energy

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How do we harness the fleet of IoT devices deployed in homes and businesses around the world to provide energy system flexibility?

Introduction to Camus Energy and presentation topic: Open Source and the Energy Transition - 0:00

The plan for decarbonizing our energy supply, 2 step plan: Electrify everything, and transition the grid to zero carbon - 0:54

3 Megatrends in the grid landscape - 1:42

Intro to the Grid - 5:40

Grid Technology Areas - 8:24

If we’re going to transform the grid, we need to work together. - 9:18

Why is change hard in this space? - 10:36

Open source and (semi) open standards - 14:33

Camus Grid Management Platform - 16:12

What technology approaches are we bringing? - 18:00

Pulling all the data together - 20:38

Drawing conclusions from the data - 21:59

Applying software load balancing and device management - 22:41

Market integration - 23:28

Driving collaboration with open source - 24:09

A collaborative platform for transformation - 25:29

What does it take to get there? - 26:40

Concluding remarks - 29:25

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