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OCS 2020 Breakout: Osmar Olivo

Osmar Olivo is an experienced Product Management leader with a demonstrated history focusing on core platforms in the enterprise and open source space. Prior to joining Inrupt, Osmar has been at the forefront of cutting edge work in distributed databases, service infrastructure management, and developer tooling. Throughout his career, Osmar has worked in and partnered with organizations across a wide range of verticals, including highly regulated and secure industries.

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Osmar Olivo, VP of product at Inrupt, discusses how Open Ecosystems enable innovators to do more than just leverage open source code

Osmar’s background and presentation topic: The Future of Open Ecosystems - 0:00

Let’s talk about the landscape of the digital world as it exists today. Advantages of Open Source - 0:34

Common problems with mainstream open-source solutions - 1:47

The first thing we do when building open-source applications is hook them up to closed and proprietary data stores. Not interoperable, siloed, and often closed. - 3:07

Are you seriously saying to open-source our application data? - 3:40

As a user, when I sign up for a new application, why is it that I have to fill out the same registration forms that I filled out a hundred times? Osmar walks through similar examples in medicine and credentials. - 4:27

Why is it that we need to go through all the trouble of collecting and storing user data, when another entity already has that data? Why are we missing potential value adds because we can’t access data that already exists on the web? - 5:50

Why hasn’t open source addressed these problems? - 7:00

Data management is not consistent, and lack of a data standard - 7:30

Exploring lack of a data standard. No standard Schema, not interoperable protocols. - 8:29

Is anyone doing anything about this? (Single sign-on, Data Transfer Project) - 10:00

How Standards Proliferate - 11:12

”The web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet.” - Sir Tim Berners Lee. Introducing Solid - 11:54

What is Solid? - 12:31

Solid Principles - 12:44

How it works, starting with The Pod - 13:18

Workflow: #1 Apps Delegate Authentication to ID Providers - 14:10

Workflow: #2 Apps Request Access to User-Controlled Data - 14:52

Workflow: #3 Apps Read/Write/Modify User Data in Pod - 15:15

Workflow: #4 Apps Communicate in Network of Pods - 15:44

Workflow: #5 Diverse Apps Work With Standardized Data - 16:57

Centralized apps vs Solid apps - 18:01

Who is Solid for? - 18:49

Introduction to Inrupt, motivations, and work - 20:05

Links to join the Solid Community - 21:20

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