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OCS 2020 Breakout: Dr. Shuli Goodman

Shuli Goodman is the founder and Executive Director of LF Energy, a new Linux Foundation project that supports open source innovation in the energy and electricity sectors. LF Energy’s ambition is to accelerate the energy transition and the decarbonization of the world’s economies. Having spent the early part of her career enabling some of the world’s largest companies in the world to become Internet-ready, she has brought her digital-first, cross-industry background to the electricity sector. With a doctorate in Organizational Systems focused on innovation and the energy transition, Shuli has a uniquely multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex, interdependent problems. She has nearly three decades experience in the startup and ongoing support of governance and multi-stakeholder engagement bodies that have been convened to enable decision-making and provide steering capacity for high-visibility and/or high-risk initiatives. Her goal is to inspire, train, and enable 10,000 developers, in the next 10 years, to digitally transform the world’s power systems.

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JJ and Shuli Goodman, founder of LF Energy, explore how open source is fundamental to unlocking a sustainable tech ecosystem in energy.

Tell us about why L.F. Energy was founded, where you came from, and kind of educated people on what life energy is all about. - 1:16

So I started thinking about what did I think was the best example of global governance in which no one was killed? There were no guns, there were no politicians, there were no standing armies. And yet the Linux kernel went from a desktop being hacked in Finland to being pretty ubiquitous in terms of the operating system of the planet. So I made kind of a cold call to the Linux Foundation. And then I, I went in and had a meeting with Mike Dolan and I said to him, I'm looking for neutral. I'm looking for a really neutral place to put this ecosystem, because ultimately we are going to have to shift to open source in order to decarbonize.
[00:04:49] I get an email from RTV, which is the French transmission system operator. And Artie had made an internal decision that they were going to move all of their as much of their I.T. and is. Possible to open source, and they really wanted to understand, is the Linux Foundation the kind of place that that they could that could?
- 3:11

So is LF energy really just kind of stewarding and building an ecosystem of open source software projects and solutions to sort of drive this energy movement forward and in a sustainable and open source driven way? Or are you also including open source hardware as part of our energy? - 6:57

What does this landscape look like? - 11:22

Wow, I'm just blown away at the amount of innovation and and really the the overall vision for kind of bringing together all of this all this technology and and driving driving the industry forward with with open source, I guess I want to kind of dig into two two things before we wrap up. One is how people should think about energy in terms of technology innovation, both from engineering, science driven technology at the sort of software and hardware level, as well as the industry side of things where people are building businesses for profit businesses in service of making commercial progress that really benefits everyone, stakeholders around the world. And the Earth was actually just watching the Salesforce Dreamforce keynote. Marc Benioff likes to call the Earth a stakeholder, which I find really deep and very true. So how do you think about energy? Is it a category? Is it like a commercial category for startups or is it a movement or is it a sector like it kind of help people think more clearly about what energy is really all about? Like what? What is this? And maybe help people connect, like startup founders, people interested in actually applying their energy and their time, their physical energy to the time to this area. How should they really realistically think about it from I guess, from both the driving, the innovation, but also maybe starting companies and doing business driven, capitalist driven efforts? - 22:03

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