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OCS 2020 Breakout: Di Zhu

Di Zhu is the project manager for Nebula Graph, which is an open-source, distributed, lightning-fast Graph Database. Prior to working with Nebula Graph, Di worked in a variety of software engineering roles with Ant Financial Services Group and the Perfect World.

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The session will give an overview of the graph database concepts and advantages in comparison to relational databases.

Introduction and contact information — 00:00

Presentation agenda — 00:21

What is a graph database? — 00:43

Why a graph database? Walking through Twitter example — 1:20

Graph database market compared to other database categories — 2:30

Who are we? Introduction to VeSoft and NebulaGraph — 3:03

Why is NebulaGraph open source? Make graph technology more accessible to the world, and encourage more people to get involved — 3:51

NebulaGraph in detail — architecture, components, features — 4:15

Overview of specific use-cases (financial fraud prevention and scam detection, recommendation engines, question answering via semantic parsing) — 6:08

Benchmark performance comparison of NebulaGraph vs Neo4j vs JanusGraph — 7:33

NebulaGraph Roadmap — 8:23

Information for getting started with NebulaGraph and help links — 9:00

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