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OCS 2020 Breakout: Martin Etmajer

Martin Etmajer has more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer, architect, product owner, and strategist in both startup and enterprise environments across a range of industries. As Chief Platform Architect and Principal Product Owner at Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world's largest life science companies, he drives Boehringer's technology transformation together with his teams and partners. Martin is as passionate about finding better ways of doing things as he is about sharing his knowledge to empower the people around him.

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How Boehringer Ingelheim, a global leading pharmaceutical company, builds its next-generation IT Platform and embraces and gives back to commercial open source.

Let me start with a brief introduction to our company. - 0:23

Some time ago, our company decided to enter the field of digital life sciences. - 0:59

We wanted to build an entire platform with one application lifecycle. This means a common compliant and highly automated delivery chain. - 2:29

In the end, here is how I see what we do. We want to give our teams to tools that they need to build great things on a safe playground and have fun doing so. - 7:11

When we talk about continuously, be ready to release products in a highly regulated industry. What do we mean? - 8:30

Now, let me give you a brief architectural overview. - 9:55

So what does it look like for the end user? What is the end user experience? - 13:14

The second set for you would be to do manage and deploy your product. And here is what you would do, so our teams go to cheer and what they see is an initial dashboard. - 14:52

Now, we're also part of an open source community, and much of the functionality I've presented today, including the release manager, is publicly available under the name of open that second GetUp! We would be super happy to receive your feedback and maybe can welcome you to our community at some point in time. If you are solving similar problems and we do, then please get in touch with us for at least a coffee and an exchange of thoughts. But they don't want to say thank you for joining. Have a good day and stay safe. - 21:07

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