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OCS 2020 Breakout: Joshua Montgomery

Joshua Montgomery, a two time entrepreneur, was building gigabit community networks before Google made it cool and had his first smart speaker hacked together before Echo launched.

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Mycroft is the leading smart personal home assistant, and it is open source! Learn why our personal information is critically requiring open core technologies.

What led to the creation of Mycroft? - 0:19

When was the project originally launched? - 2:14

Tell us about the Mycroft developer community. I didn’t realize it was that young, you built it in just the last few years. How does the community growth look like, and what do you think spurred developer interest in Mycroft? - 5:45

I love how you talked about durability and longevity as outcomes of making transparency and openness your critical values. So, I have a question on the barriers and challenges you see to connect with billions of consumers that have technology in their homes, whether it’s your smartphone, your computer or your smart speaker. How do we connect the value proposition of open source, trust and privacy to billions of consumers. (JJ talks about the example of Signal vs. WhatsApp) Open source is mostly popular with developers and other technical people. How do you connect that value proposition to change consumers’ buying decision? -9:17

What are the most interesting use cases you have seen from Mycroft at the consumer level so far, and things that surprised you from your community? - 13:52

Talk about how you are launching the product in the marketplace. What consumers expect going forward in the next months or a couple quarters? What are you building/launching in the near term horizon? - 16:20

I’m a huge fan of everything you’re doing and I think consumers deserve many choices in how they bring tech in their lives. How can people support, get involved, find out about Mycroft? - 20:25

(Closing remarks) - 26:37

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