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OCS 2020 Breakout: Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen is the cofounder of TI Platform Management, a venture capital firm that backs ambitious entrepreneurs creating the world’s most disruptive venture structures. Founded in 2015, TI Platform Management uses its $775M+ in AUM to invest in today’s most innovative companies and tomorrow’s category-defining leaders. Since inception, TI Platform has deployed nearly $475 million to numerous emerging venture funds, backed 47 funds founded by 56 entrepreneurs, and enabled entrepreneurs to raise over $1B from LPs. The firm has also invested directly in more than 35 companies. Proven entrepreneurs in the TI Platform network have created over $50B in market value ($25B+ in enterprise exits) and invested in companies with a total market cap exceeding $830B. Trang is the former executive member of Trusted Insight, where she managed products and grew the institutional community to 35,000+ limited partners. Earlier in her career, Trang amassed years of investment, finance, and marketing experience at various tech startups and financial services organizations, including Merrill Lynch, Visa, Bank Of New York, and Sutter Health. Trang spearheaded investment initiatives and helped manage corporate and endowment portfolios for a hospital with more than $9 billion in AUM. She also has experience in trading and running a $1B credit portfolio.

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JJ interviews Trang Nguyen, co-founder of Trusted Insight, the social network and fund-of-funds platform for institutional LPs.

Introduction - 0:00

I want to dig into something that is a foundation for networks that you’ve been building, which is limited partners. A lot of people don’t really know how VC’s get their money, which is from others investing in them, not necessarily other people, but other entities… I’d like to ask you to explain what a limited partner is in the context of the venture capital? - 1:39

How much do limited partners understand open source? Maybe more on the institutional side, less on the individual LP side. - 2:50

Trang, you spent so much time with institutional LPs and you built this network for institutional LPs at Trusted Insight. What are some of the evolutions in venture capital over the last decade? - 7:42

It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs and the world. As you said, low interest rates create all this money abundance, and it’s never been easier to start a company, and people have all these options… makes for a more exciting world. - 17:02

I’m a huge fan of the studio model and the accelerator model, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity for innovation there in the open source world, as well. Thank you for time again, Trang, and tell us, where could people find you, find about what you’re working on? - 18:03

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