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OCS 2020 Breakout: Obinna Ekwuno

Obinna Ekwuno is a Software Engineer with a passion for teaching, he does so through creating visual courses through JAMstack training and Eggheadio. He also blogs about things he cares about and believes that wider conversations will save the world! Catch him nerding out about Web accessibility and performance.

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Obinna Ekwuno, Software Engineer at GatsbyJS: Come hear what I love to do and learn about the nuances of developer relations.

Obinna introduces himself and presentation: Balancing developer relations in open source - 0:00

”This talk is about me, for the most part” - 0:31

Things Obinna loves to do - 0:55

Obinna describes learning about Developer Relations - 1:45

Thoughts on a definition for “developer relations” - 2:10

Learning the “wax on, wax off” understanding of developer relations - 2:32

Learning about different aspects of developer relations, showing the DevRelOMeter, and that developer relations was not just one size fits all - 3:07

What would Baby Yoda say? “Your position, you must play” - 3:54

Developer relations becomes more complicated when a company hires you to “advocate for them” - 4:36

Walking through positions in Developer Relations: Developer Advocacy, Developer Evangelism, Developer Experience, Community - 5:47

Most important guideline: To inspire and equip developers to build the next gneeration of amazing applications - 8:08

Users are at the center of it all - 8:27

How do you support commercial aspect of your product through open-source? - 8:42

Ask questions. How can we help? What challenges can we resolve? What can we build together? How can we support you? - 8:52

Create a feedback loop as you ask questions. - 10:14

The process of balance when it comes to internalizing information and feedback - 10:44

The real balance is the process of educating users and giving an honest opinion of your tech choices. Saying what you feel and why, not what you think you should feel. - 11:33

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