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OCS 2020 Breakout: Robert Hodges, CEO of Altinity

Robert Hodges is CEO of Altinity, Inc. He has worked on database technology for over three decades and has extensive experience with open source databases as well as the communities behind them. Altinity is an Accel Portfolio company.

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This talk introduces ClickHouse, an open source competitor that enables businesses to answer questions on large datasets in real-time.

Presentation topic: Post-proprietary data warehouses, the future is now - 0:00

Introducing Altinity and Robert - 0:30

Analytic apps are the eyes and ears of business - 1:10

SQL data warehouses run analytic queries - 2:40

ClickHouse: an open-source contender arrives - 3:45

ClickHouse gets attention because of speed. Walking through performance - 5:15

What really matters is “model differences” - 6:30

Walking through ClickHouse’s origins, starting at Yandex - 7:40

ClickHouse GitHub statistics - 9:20

Where are ClickHouse users located? - 10:18

Building a business on ClickHouse - 11:06

Different types of open-source projects. Marketing Vehicle vs. Innovation Engine - 11:47

Building Altinity: path to date - 13:58

Goal: Enable enterprises to use ClickHouse - 16:05

Thinking about growth and funding - 17:48

Nurturing a healthy open-source community - 20:06

Avoiding hazards to navigation - 22:05

Our cloud strategy. SaaS is the primary form factor for business software, get there first, be multi-cloud, enable other SaaS businesses, focus on complete solutions - 23:55

Where’s the IP? - 26:01

A cautionary tale about IP protection. Creating value for customers beats legal protections - 27:39

Concluding remarks (also: Altinity is hiring) - 28:59

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