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OCS 2020 Breakout: Torin Sandall

Torin Sandall is the co-founder and VP of Open Source at Strya.

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Torin Sandall is the creator of OPA and co-founder at Styra, the company providing general-purpose infra policy capabilities.

(JJ introduces Torin) Tell us about what led you to starting Open Policy Agent and your background leading into that. - 0:00

What did the evolution of the project look like at the very beginning? How did you drive the initial adoption, how did you drive the initial growth? - 1:37

Could you talk about the use cases? Talk about the ecosystem as well. What are the advantages to using OPA for policy enforcement? - 4:15

Could you talk about Styra? Styra is helping OPA get adoption in the enterprise, building services around that. What’s the relationship between Styra and the open source community? - 7:20

I remember we met in 2015, when the company was just getting started and you were designing the project. It’s really incredible to see the progress in the last 5 years, becoming one of the industry standards for policy enforcement. What have been the most tricky and counterintuitive learnings over the last few years? - 9:03

What are the most exciting things you are seeing in the ecosystem? What’s on the horizon in the next one or two years, both for the project and Styra? - 11:27

(Closing remarks) - 14:35

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