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OCS 2020 Breakout: Jason Shepherd

Jason Shepherd is VP of Ecosystem at edge orchestration company ZEDEDA. Prior to joining ZEDEDA, Jason was CTO for the Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions Division. His proven track record as a thought leader in the market is evidenced through his leadership building up the award-winning Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program and establishing the vendor-neutral, open-source EdgeX Foundry project to facilitate greater interoperability at the IoT edge. Jason is an LF Edge board member and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Industrial IoT influencers in both 2018 and 2019. He holds 14 granted and 25 pending US patents.

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In this session, Jason will highlight how open source collaboration will be imperative to reach this goal, especially in facilitating data trust at scale.

Introduction - 0:00

About me - 1:00

The new product mindset (The value of any product/service is realized over its cumulative lifetime, not just on the day of the shipping. Network effects and why it’s important to be a part of an ecosystem.) - 1:56

Thoughts on key tech trends: IoT and Edge, AI, 5G - 3:27

Digital evolution (IoT (2015) -> Edge Computing (2020) -> Trust Fabrics (2025). How ecosystems and business models evolve along this axis. How it brings us towards interconnected ecosystems.) - 8:00

Comparing ecosystem strategies (Comparing the strategies between Android and iOS. Scalable ecosystems must be architected into products.) -9:50

The story of Phil and Fred (Jason shares a story about a microfarmer and a propane delivery man. Importance of trust in the ecosystem relationships.) - 11:47

Interconnected ecosystems (Immense benefits in connecting different ecosystems. Why openness and transparency make it easier to connect. ) - 13:43

No single entity can own the trust (In a complex interconnected ecosystem there can’t be one institution/company providing all the trust. The notion of open collaboration.) - 14:27

Just put some blockchain on it, right? (Why is blockchain a little bit like Windex.) - 15:05

It starts with open collaboration (Jason explains the current Edge/IoT landscape. Open source is the modern way to drive standards. ) -15:45

Key architectural considerations (Jason delves into key architectural considerations that every Edge/IoT company must go through.) - 17:09

Edge continuum (Different paradigms in the Edge/IoT community. Hard tradeoffs that come from different paradigms. Recognizing different paradigms is important for the open collaboration between projects and building trust.) - 19:24

Do you know where your data is? (Importance of knowing where your data comes from.) - 20:51

Trust is paramount (Data confidence, privacy, how to identify fake data) - 21:23

Data confidence requires a system-level approach (Examples of trust insertion technologies. Building data confidence fabrics with Project Alvarium) - 23:00

Example trust fabric (How to bind together loosely coupled components and build trust and confidence that way.) - 24:24

Summary - 25:20

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