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OCS 2020 Breakout: Nicolas Hourcard

Nicolas Hourcard is a lifelong technology enthusiast and co-founder of QuestDB. Nicholas previously leveraged time-series data for companies like Rothschild and Nasdaq, and he enjoys tennis, skiing and climbing new mountain peaks each year.

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Topics like: Opening your software to get your first users and prods, Leveraging the YC community to build an open source business etc.

So AWB is kind of an interesting new database that has some really special and exciting properties. Could you give us an introduction to sort of the origins of AWB? Like why was it created and maybe an introduction over you? - 0:17

So tell us about how the community is growing so far, like what have you been doing to grow the open source community, the adoption? Can you kind of reflect on any specific techniques or approaches, tactics that helped kind of get people interested and learn about? - 2:27

What are the other things that you've been doing to sort of get more awareness and more adoption going, more activity in the open source? And kind of one of the most important things you pay attention to in terms of engagement and activity and metrics. - 6:02

So you went through Y Combinator pretty recently. Could you talk about your wife's experience and sort of the open source nature of what you're doing and how that's kind of been received and what kind of what kind of activity you're seeing and what I see in the open source world? - 10:05

So I wanted to ask, what are the most interesting use cases you're seeing with AWB today as a sort of super fast, hyper optimized time series database? - 13:53

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