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OCS 2020 Breakout: Jeremiah Lowin

Jeremiah Lowin is the Founder and CEO of Prefect.

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Jeremiah Lowin is the Founder and CEO of Prefect, the easiest way to automate your data!

Tell me about Prefect, why you started the company, and when that happened. - 0:13

(JJ gives background on Apache AirFlow). As a significant contributor to an open-source project, what motivated you to build a different open-source project and solve a problem that was not being solved by Airflow? - 2:45

I want to unpack what you mean by “insurance policy.” You’re fundamentally automating a lot of error-prone data management tasks, that would previously be done by scripting or legacy tools. How do you reason about your offerings as insurance policies when you construct a value proposition? - 5:47

Given the Cambrian Explosion of code execution pipelines and data execution pipelines that has blossomed over the last decade, pipeline workflow technology is now a first-class platform problem. Insurance. (Jeremiah elaborates) - 13:33

Talk about the open-source community. Can you reflect on inflection events that you caused or were caused by your ecosystem? - 15:05

I want to recognize you for the brilliance of intentionality around your governance model. So many open-source projects fail to recognize the full spectrum of governance between dictatorship and committee models. I’d like to unpack that more. How do you think about open-source governance, and how do you think about company governance? - 24:40

(JJ describes the similarity in Jeremiah’s responses to Eliot Horowitz’s experiences and choices at MongoDB) - 33:15

Ray Dalio is famous for a radical transparency principle. In the context of open-source, radical transparency is a fundamental principle. Over the arc of Prefect as a company, between now and whatever major milestone would signify success at the financial level, how do you think about handling radical transparency at the company level? - 36:10

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