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OCS 2020 Breakout: Prasanna Mestha

Prasanna Mestha is a javascript developer making open-core licensing as easy as possible.

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Learn how to make money from your open source work and explore the various ways to sell NPM packages easily.

Prasanna’s introduction and presentation topic: Let us monetize NPM packages - 0:00

Why monetize NPM packages? - 0:25

Ways to monetize. GitHub Sponsors, Paid support, SaaS/PaaS, Dual licensing/premium only - 2:01

Walking through Dual Licensing - 2:56

Walking through premium NPM packages (see: - 3:52

How to sell a NPM package: (1) using a self-hosted registry, (2) using - 4:15

Self-host premium packages - 4:50

Sell NPM packages via - 5:20

What is PrivJs? - 5:49

Demo: Publishing packages with PrivJs and controlling access - 6:16

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