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OCS 2020 Breakout: Eric Newcomer

Eric Newcomer is CTO of WSO2. Architecture and strategy in security is about designing solutions to improve the security of applications while enabling fast deployment to production. Cloud, Microservices, Platform as a Service, Docker, Kubernetes, Dev Ops, Dev Sec Ops, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, encryption, key management, identify management, authorization, authentication, environments, and automation across the board to reduce cycle times, improve security, and reduce costs. Prior to joining Citi in 2012, Eric was Chief Architect for the Investment Banking IT Division at Credit Suisse, and before that CTO at IONA Technologies, and before that Distinguished Engineer/TP Architect at Digital Equipment/Compaq Computer.

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Join Eric Newcomer, Chief Technology Officer at WSO2

(JJ details Eric’s background and previous organizations) - 0:12

Looking back on your time at Iona and Progress, give some perspective on how middleware and enterprise integration ecosystems have evolved over the last 10-15 years, and the trend from being more proprietary to open source. Why has that occured, and what are some of the big changes that you’ve seen? - 0:55

You led large platform engineering technology organizations at Credit Suisse and Citi, some of the largest financial institutions in the world. What were your observations in thinking through digital transformation, technology modernization, running platforms that were a mix of open source and proprietary? What were the big differences you saw in partnering with vendors, implications on cost of capital, and those types of factors? - 3:58

So you see the cloud as more of an accelerant to open source than a threat? - 7:14

What factors have you considered in running technology organizations that have proprietary services and closed runtimes, versus looking at the open source world? How have you been able to think through which vendors have the most compelling value proposition over others? - 8:14

In your new role as CTO at WSO2, what are the most exciting things you’re learning about on the horizon for WSO2 and for open source and infrastructure in general? (See: - 9:43

Ballerina is a really exciting language. Sort of a way to write distributed systems in code, but also stitch together the integrations aspect. Seems like Ballerina is a first-class language that helps developers write applications that talk to all the WSO2 services. Can you talk about the transition of serving customers on-prem to building a cloud platform? What are some of the biggest challenges that face any company going through this transition? - 10:57

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