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OCS 2020 Breakout: Tom Herbert

Tom Herbert has 20+ years of industry experience at Intel, Facebook, Google, and Sun Microsystems driving development of networking solutions and operating systems at hyperscale

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A preview of a new open source programming model and API for network protocol and other serial data processing!

Introducing Panda and opening words β€” 0:00

Tom’s background and experiences β€” 0:38

What’s the meta problem? Tom walks through β€” 1:43

Looking at the networking problem and the network processing bottleneck β€” 3:21

No one has solved this problem yet. Walking through existing models, processing types, goals, and shortcomings β€” 5:07

Moving towards a solution: write once, run anywhere, run well β€” 12:49

Gleaning some key ideas: domain-specific architectures, nature of the data, (fully programmable) CPUs are relevant, hardware acceleration, compiler optimizations β€” 15:20

Applying key ideas to solving the network processing bottleneck β€” 20:09

All of this brings us to PANDA: a programming model and API for applying these ideas to solve the network processing feedback β€”23:49

Sub-problem: Protocol parsing β€” 25:49

The PANDA Parser β€” 28:37

Details about the PANDA plan (to get announcements, follow Tom on LinkedIn β€” 31:23

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