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OCS 2020 Breakout: Tim Nolet, Checkly

Tim Nolet is co-founder and CTO of Checkly, the API & E2E monitoring platform for developers. He got his hands dirty as an ops person on J2EE stacks back in the nineties but is now mostly focused on Javascript, Node.js, SaaS and occasionally playing the guitar.

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How we Indie hacked out way to a developer SaaS

Introduction to presentation: 12k+ GitHub Stars. Now what? How we Indie hacked our way to a developer SaaS - 0:00

What does Checkly do? Starting with Headless Recorder - 0:37

Browser automation in the cloud for testing and monitoring use cases - 1:50

Tip 1: Scratching an itch is a good start. (a)Solve a pain you have. Others might share that pain. Or not. (b) Don’t research too much. Don’t research too little. (c) Hack it out quickly. - 3:58

Tip 2: Timeliness matters (a) Riding a wave helps a lot! (b) Fresh projects expose fresh opportunities - 7:25

Tip 3: Tration can come from anywhere (a) You will know when you hit a nerve. (b) Share your project at watering holes. © No real audience required, but can help. - 9:43

Tip 4: Serving the ecosystem is also a thing. (a) You are not the main attraction, that’s fine! (b) Documentation and knowledge matter too. ( (c) Think in verticals. Or don’t. - 12:36

Tip 5: You can’t eat GitHub stars. (a) The open-source work is not a company. (b) However, it did attract funding and co-founders. - 15:58

Concluding remarks and contacts (Twitter: @tim_nolet, GitHub:, - 17:59

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