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OCS 2020 Breakout: Vijoy Pandey

Vijoy Pandey Vijoy is an engineering leader who, has led the automation and data analytics efforts for cloud-scale networks (@Google) as well as delivered the industry-firsts: VM-aware switch, low-latency HFT / HPC switch, bladed FCoE/converged switch, L7 DPI switch and the industry-first SSL VPN Innovator with 80+ patents issued in distributed systems & networking. Expertise in building, growing, mentoring and managing large high-performance geo-diverse engineering teams.

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VP of Engineering, Emerging Technologies and Incubations at Cisco

So could you give us an introduction on sort of the things that are really top of mind for Cisco these days in terms of just open source evolution and the open source ecosystem and sort of your current set of initiatives there? - 0:32

So Satya Nadella has led a huge transformation for Microsoft and open source, we've seen many large multinational organizations kind of take a page from that leadership. Could you describe Cisco's overall posture towards open source at a strategic level? Is that really driving product innovation as well as maybe your acquisition strategy, partnering with startups in the ecosystem? - 4:24

Your application experience is your new brand. So if your application does well, your brand does well and applications are driven by developers. And so therefore developers are driving everything down. And where do developers flock towards them, migrate towards when they are looking for anything, primarily open source? - 6:40

So what is the sort of best rules of engagement and kind of collaboration model that you recommend in kind of partnering with young startups and also kind of in tandem with that? How is Cisco looking out into the ecosystem and in collaborating with early, early stage companies? - 8:36

I'm curious what you see or believe to be the biggest challenges and maybe opportunities in the open source ecosystem that are sort of really great opportunities for Cisco to get involved in or just things that you could benefit from more collaboration or more improvement in other areas. - 14:35

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