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OCS 2020 Breakout: Cindy Sanders

Cindy Sanders’ current responsibilities include Directing Cloud Engineering Core Services. Prior to this role, Cindy led Product Management, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence, Program Management and Training programs within Adobe. She is extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to work with cutting edge, evolving, large scale SaaS technologies which have been pivotal during our COVID crisis.

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Cindy Sanders, Director of Software Development at Adobe, shares how Adobe uses open source across cloud platforms and core services.

Introduction (Cindy talks about her path: from Novell and Symantec towards Adobe) - 0:00

Adobe’s Offerings (Two key business areas: Digital Media and Digital Experience. Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud. How Adobe helps its users in the age of COVID-19.) - 1:22

Overview (Cindy gives an overview of the rest of the talk.) - 5:18

Why do we choose open source? (Taking care not to hurt the open source community. Open source helps Adobe get their products to the market faster. Choosing good open source projects improves reliability and makes engineers’ lifes easier.) - 5:50

Criteria for selecting open source technologies (It’s important that open source tech is well-known and proven. Cost - in terms of money, time and support. Why is in-house expertise important?) - 8:07

Rules to live by (Vetting license agreements, working with the legal department at Adobe, how Adobe uses audits even after the tech has shipped) - 9:55

How we’re doing it (Cindy talks about her team and its position inside of Adobe. Importance of onboarding and educating internal customers. ) - 11:46

Closing remarks - 15:44

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