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OCS 2020 Breakout: Stephen Goldbaum

Stephen Goldbaum is the founder of Morphir. Morphir is a FINOS/Linux Foundation project ( focused on increasing development efficiency while decreasing risk. Equal parts Model-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, and Functional Programming, Morphir works by capturing business logic in a technology-independent data format and then providing tools to automate projecting it into various contexts, such as generating code and documentation. It is in use across a range of systems and businesses across the firm.

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Morgan Stanley Executive Director and co-creator of Morphir talks with JJ about open source in the Finance industry.

Can you introduce yourself and your function at Morgan Stanley? - 0:22

Over the last decade, how have you seen open-source adoption at Morgan Stanley? How have you seen the commercial open-source ecosystem evolve? - 1:10

At what point in time did you start to see the shift from building software in-house, to using open-source build things out? -2:58

At the regulatory level, what changes/events have happened that have made it more compelling to embrace open source? - 6:45

So the COSS category has helped unlocked this, supporting more open-source for enterprises and allowing for vendors to indemnify enterprises. At a macro level, what are the biggest benefits to having this ecosystem of commercial vendors explicitly supporting the open-source technologies, to a large financial institution? What are the risks? - 8:17

What advice/feedback would you give a commercial vendor on improving the value proposition, service, and general offering, at the very early stages and throughout the business, to make them a better partner for you? - 10:00

Can you talk about open-source projects at Morgan Stanley that you’re developing and releasing back into the community and contributing to? (Stephen mentions Finos and Morphir) - 12:12

How has Morgan Stanley been observing and participating in the Open Banking movement? What are the exciting things happening in Open Banking? - 15:36

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