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OCS 2020 Breakout: Ed Ikeguchi & Anzar Abbas

Edward F. Ikeguchi M.D. is the Chief Executive Officer at AiCure. Prior to joining AiCure, he was previously a co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Medidata for nearly a decade, where he also served on their board of directors. Dr. Ikeguchi served as assistant professor of clinical urology at Columbia University, where he has experience using healthcare technology solutions as a clinical investigator in numerous trials sponsored by both the commercial industry and the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Ikeguchi holds a B.S. in chemistry from Fordham University and a M.D. from Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons, where he also completed his surgical internship, subspecialty training and fellowship.

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Anzar Abbas is a neuroscientist focused on developing technology to improve measurement of health, increase access to care, and inform clinical decision-making using data-driven insights. He is Global Head of Digital Biomarkers at AiCure. Anzar received his PhD in Neuroscience from Emory University in 2018.

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In this session, we introduce an open-source library built to quantify behavioral characteristics and derive measures of health.

Introducing Ed, Anzar, and presentation: Open-source tools for measurement of health - 0:00

Anzar’s introduction and opening words - 1:20

Measurement of characteristics of mental illness (walking through traditional clinical assessments, including the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. Difficult to do objectively.) - 1:53

Digital measurement of behavioral characteristics. - 4:44

How can we quantify these behavioral characteristics? Examples of open-source tools which help us do this - 6:26

Emergence of tools to measure symptomatology - 7:41

Conundrum in measurement of health: We have foundation of open-source tools, but the tools on top of that, to measure clinically meaningful symptomatology, remain obscure. - 10:15

Introducing OpenDBM - making the methods to measure clinically meaningful symptomatology open-source - 11:32

Demonstrating how OpenDBM works - 13:35

Alleviating barriers to progress using common, open-source methods - 15:16

Ed shares high-level perspective on industry, digital biomarkers, and usage of computer vision - 16:15

Anzar speaks about unique strengths of Academia, Healthcare, and Industry, and how they can work together - 18:52

Ed: Overarching vision - can we get to the place where projects that study patient cohorts in one particular area, could share that experience and add to the statistical strength of analysis by pooling data across multiple projects and groups, to reach cohorts that are large enough to make an impact in terms of validation? - 20:09

Closing thoughts and contacts ( - 20:53

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