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OCS 2020 Breakout: Michelle Brinich

Michelle Brinich is well versed in the open source software industry, having worked at Red Hat, NGINX, and Yugabyte. She has a proven track record for leading marketing and community projects and programs of all types, helping share relevant, useful stories, while having fun at the same time. As Sr. Director at Yugabyte, Michelle brings to life the importance of open source, cloud native Distributed SQL for the modern enterprise. Outside of work, Michelle is a mom to a smart, funny, talented (current and) future female leader. For hobbies, Michelle drives a motorcycle, plays the keyboard, and jumps rope for exercise during the pandemic.

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Follow along on the journey as Michelle analyzes how event marketing plans at Yugabyte evolved over the course of 2020 in response to COVID.

Michelle’s introduction and presentation topic - 2020 Postmortem: Event Marketing Plans Before and After COVID - 0:00

Presentation Agenda - 0:52

Going back to January 2020 - 1:22

Introduction to yugabyteDB - 2:10

In-Person Events before COVID. Calendar of 2020 Event Sponsorship Plans - 2:50

First event: KubeCon and CloudNativeCon scheduled for March 30 - April 2 in Amsterdam - 4:05

Year-end update on 2020 event sponsorship/participation - 7:51

Walking through KubeCon’s digital booth and “distribute the love” digital charity for event participants - 8:22

Takeaway from KubeCon: Lack of chats with attendees - 10:25

Virtual Events Program - at start of 2020, vs October 2020. Putting virtual event budgets towards charity. - 11:33

Exploring the Distributed SQL Summit example - process and learnings from taking it virtual. - 13:28

Virtual Distributed SQL Summit by the numbers. - 17:02

Taking Distributed SQL Virtual Summit to Asia - 17:42

What Yugabyte did with the swag they ordered - 17:53

Lessons Learned: Respond with human kindness. Follow the lead of brands you trust. Self-produced virtual events FTW. Experiment and get creative. When there is no playbook, create the playbook. - 18:39

Concluding remarks - 22:04

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