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OCS 2020 Breakout: Simon Redfern, CEO of TESOBE

Simon Redfern is the CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project, the open source API platform for banks, and has been pioneering Open Banking since February 2010. Simon studied electronic engineering in Manchester in the early 80's where he focused on real time programming and digital systems - and he subsequently worked as a software developer, architect, sysadmin and DBA on numerous web / mobile platforms both large and small. A hacker at heart, Simon is also a composer and enjoys interdisciplinary creative collaborations. Simon is a keen supporter of open source and open data believing they are a sustainable force for social good. He is @simsysims on Twitter.

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TESOBE CEO & founder of the Open Bank Project explores the many sides of "Open" and OBP in particular.

Introduction: The Joy of Code - Open Source and Why β€” 00:00

Walking through Open Source Principles β€” 0:40

Open Banking Origins and Smon’s Personal Story β€” 1:30

Taking a step back. Why do we Code? β€” 2:56

General Open Source β€” 6:08

Domain-specific Open Source, in the context of Open Banking β€” 8:53

Open Banking - Why now? – 9:59

Open Bank Project β€” 10:38

Other vertical markets for Open Source β€” 11:13

Open Bank’s API Portal, API Explorer, API Manager β€” 11:33
OBP API Catalogue β€” 12:13

OBP Standard Entities β€” 13:00

OBP Connectors β€” 13:27

Connectors for multiple protocols β€” 14:03

Adapters β€” 14:30

Outbound / Inbound messages β€” 15:05

Adapter Examples β€” 15:45

Billing β€” 16:56

Art of the Possible β€” 18:20

Onboarding walkthrough of Open Bank Project portal + APi Explorer β€” 20:26

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