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OCS 2020 Breakout: Dave Stokes

Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle Corporation and travels extensively to promote MySQL, speaking over thirty times each year for the past several years. He is also the author of MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide which is a guide for those wishing to take advantage of the JSON data type and the MySQL Document Store. With degrees in computer science and business, you can find him on the road at shows like FOSDEM, SCaLE, Confoo, PHP UK, Scotland PHP, PyCaribbean, or maybe your local meetup (please let him know if you need a speaker!). Dave actually started programming in FORTRAN on punch cards on a Digital Equipment Corporation KL1091 36-bit computer and wants you to know that the dinosaurs roaming the earth at the time did make on-campus parking especially daunting. Has been playing guitar (badly) for way too long. Dave resides in Texas with the mandatory hound dog and pickup truck.

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MySQL 8.0 is a big leap past the previous versions and this talk will cover the features that can really make a big, positive impact for you

Can you tell us about your role at Oracle and what it means to run community/ecosystem dynamics around MySQL? - 0:00

Give us some snapshots to better understand the growth? If you were today to carve MySQL out of Oracle, how would that company look like? - 3:05

In terms of the size of the business, is there anything you could disclose about the scope and the size of different teams supporting community and enterprise efforts? Just to give us the sense of the scale. - 4:58

So, maybe we can talk about customer solutions that you offer? What can customers purchase and use on the commercial side? - 6:15

I wanted to ask you to reflect on the last decade of evolution in the MySQL community? You were actually at MySQL AB, before the Sun acquisition, so you’ve been close to this community for a long time. How has MySQL evolved in the open source database landscape? - 9:04

What are some of the challenges in coordinating and managing such a large open source community? What are the things that still give you stress, that are still difficult? - 12:18

What are the best ways people can get involved in supporting you and the MySQL community? - 14:01

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