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OCS 2020 Breakout: Michael Crandell

Michael Crandell is a CEO of Bitwarden, open source password management platform. Bitwarden’s mission is to empower individuals, teams and organizations to access and share sensitive information securely. Michael, as a founder and CEO of RightScale, has a rich experience in the SaaS and cloud computing area.

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Michael Crandell is the CEO of Bitwarden, open source password management platform -- learn about the movement driving open authentication!

(JJ asks Michael to introduce himself and Bitwarden) - 0:00

What made you choose an open source route at Bitwarden? - 2:49

Talk about the business model, you are growing a company in a large and a competitive ecosystem. Is Bitwarden’s business model single-dimensional, do you think of it as open source with additional features? How do you think about business models in general? - 5:30

You were previously the CEO of RightScale, a really exciting cloud computing company. Can you give us an overview of that journey? What lessons are you applying at Bitwarden? - 7:30

I have to ask, aren’t passwords going away? What about this passwordless movement? -10:03

This has been a really incredible year, one of the most stressful years for humanity, but also a year of unexpected growth and acceleration of technology adoption. What impact on the security market, security software and Bitwarden in particular you saw in pandemic? -12:00

(In response to Michael talking about a survey they did, which showed that 81% of employees want companies to provide password management and want the company to make the decision for them.) Wow, so the employees want the employer to make decisions for them. That’s pretty surprising, right? - 14:00

Open source is much more in the spotlight these days. Why do you think the open source is a better approach to build security software, in general? - 15:24

(Closing remarks.) - 19:12

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