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OCS 2020 Breakout: Michael Picht

Michael Picht is part of the Open Source Program Office of SAP and helped to set it up. Before that, he had several roles as software architect, project manager and product manager, with focus on supply chain management, business process and application integration and innovation topics. In his current role, Michael’s focus is on Open Source processes, tooling and InnerSource.

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Topics of SAP Open Source Program Office: Processes and tooling for outbound open source and SAP's approach to promoting InnerSource inside the company.

Introduction to the presentation and background to Open Source at SAP - 0:00

Explaining SAP’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO) model (See also: Linux Foundation blog post about SAP OSPO) - 1:56

Inbound Open Source Focus Areas - 3:56

Walking through Project Fosstars - 5:25

Outbound Open Source: Prefer guidelines over* processes* - 7:53

Walking through Open Source Outbound Process (See also: From scattered and tedious to streamlined and automated) - 9:29 tooling and the opensource-portal project - 12:02

Walking through the Repository Linter tool - 14:55

Walking through the Repository Analytics tool (planned to be open sourced) - 17:12

Walking through CLA Assistant tool - 19:06

Walking through SAP’s InnerSource (learning from Open Source’s Development and Collaboration Model for in-house development projects) - 21:12

How We Drive InnerSource at SAP - 22:10

How We Run the InnerSource Group - 24:04

Support and Documentation We Provide (Beginner’s guide, InnerSource checklist, Reference projects, myths and concerns, advice for dev team, promote and discover, internal job postings for InnerSource, project portal) - 24:50

InnerSource Project Portal (see repository. Also see The Unexpected Path of Applying InnerSource Patterns and InnerSource Commons) - 27:11

Further information and concluding remarks - 28:38

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