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OCS 2020 Breakout: Wade Arnold

Wade Arnold is that he's never just working a job. He's truly passionate about solving problems in the technology space. He loves to "build." That is - teams of very talented people, beautiful products, culture, all of it. His vision, his excitement, his passion - it's contagious. Wade has directed digital banking strategies and challenged long-term visions from both core banking and fintech positions. He believes in looking at banking from a fresh perspective; anything that can be imagined can be built. Wade directed Jack Henry & Associates’ mobile strategy, including guiding banks and credit unions to better engage consumers and strengthen the overall solvency of their institutions for years to come. He joined Jack Henry & Associates through the company’s acquisition of Banno, a company that he founded and developed to help financial institutions better engage in consumers’ financial activities. Today, Wade helps new entrepreneurs grow through mentorship and seed investments. He is a member and past president of the Association for Financial Technology (AFT), as well as an investor and advisor for payments start-up BillGO. He entered the industry as an Adobe Enterprise Evangelist and the lead developer of Zend AMF, touring the world to speak at web development conferences and authoring books on open source development.

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Wade Arnold is the founder of Moov, the COSS company at the leading edge of driving open financial services in core banking rails and infra.

(JJ introduces Wade) - 0:00

Tell us about your journey towards starting Moov. What motivated that? What are some steps in your career that brought you the conviction to start the company? -0:43

You are really on a mission to transform financial services infrastructure, from the core protocol level all the way up to the consumer. Can you describe that in terms of progress for everyday people? How do you think about the current macrostate of the financial services infrastructure? -3:20

In the course of the year, you’ve been able to get some of the most amazing investors, Bain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. What is really required to capture the excitement of developers at this level of software? - 06:05

I’m really curious, how do you think about markets? Financial services is really a market-driven corner of the world. How do you see markets evolving as open source begins to shake the fundamentals? - 09:41

So, you’ve raised some capital and your journey is just getting started… What are your day to day challenges towards building a company? In your hiring, what are the critical roles to grow the business and really bring together the best people? - 11:33

I feel like you’re building bridges from legacy proprietary banking infrastructure. Is it fair to say you have to coordinate between the old world and the new world? - 13:24

What can people do to support you and get involved in your journey? - 15:27

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