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OCS 2020 Breakout: Julie and Nevyn

Julie D is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alloverse. Focused on democratizing technology and entrepreneurship.

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Nevyn Bengtsson the Code Poet at Alloverse. Nevyn loves building things and learning about new ways to build software. Now running the startup Lookback. Before then, built and maintained Spotify's iOS app for a few years. In my spare time Nevyn has built tons of tools, libraries, apps and games. Do check out on github — As iOS developer, Nevyn’s focus has been audio/video, animations, UX and architecture. During education as a game programmer, Nevyn took extra interest in core/scripting, network and audio programming. As a backend developer, Nevyn enjoys focusing on reliability. Specialties: Mac and iOS development and design. Anything ObjC runtime related. Game network and sound programming. VR.

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Join Julie D (Co-Founder and CEO) and Nevyn Bengtsson (Code Poet) of Alloverse!

Julie and Nevyn introduce themselves - 0:20

Why did you decide to go down this open-source path? Spatial computing seems to be a very proprietary space - is that a factor? How is open source contributing to innovation? - 1:47

Tell us about what you’re building so far. What have you launched, and what can people play with today? (See:, - 3:10

Tell us about the current ecosystem around virtual reality runtimes and tools. There’s Unity and Facebook/Oculus. What does the ecosystem look like, and how do developers think about open source in it? Where are the open source options? (See: - 4:30

I also think about Minecraft and Roblox. What are the current limitations of those two platforms, in terms of openness at the API level and not being open at the core? (see: - 6:15

How are you going about building your developer community? Which developers are curious and interested in collaborating around open-source VR/AR tooling? - 8:28

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