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OCS 2020 Breakout: Bilgin Ibryam

Bilgin Ibryam is a product manager and a former architect at Red Hat, committer, and member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is a regular blogger, occasional speaker, and the author of Camel Design Patterns and co-author of Kubernetes Patterns books. Bilgin’s current work is focused on the intersection of data integration technologies with cloud-native architectures.

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How to financially survive while growing a small open source project.

Bilgin’s introduction and presentation topic: 99 Ways to Make Money with Open Source (as an individual) - 0:00

Bilgin’s background (see:, - 0:28

One school of thought: There is no tragedy, the market is growing -1:34

Second school of thought: Open source below the poverty line - 2:19

OSS.Fund - Open Source Monetization Platforms - 3:20

Open-source monetization journey - 3:47

Lowest entry-level starts with Ads - 4:45

Second category that doesn’t require much setup is Donations - 7:03

GitHub Sponsors - 9:20

Continuous funding with LibreSelery - 9:55

Common challenge: What is the value of a contributor? (SourceCred) - 10:45

What is the value of a contributor? (SourceCred) - 12:17

Crowdfunding - 12:54

Foundations & Grants - 14:14

Returning to open-source monetization journey - moving to Adopt phase - 15:31

Bounties - 16:10

Support and Services - 17:49

Training and Publishing - 19:35

Returning to open-source monetization journey - moving to Scale phase - 21:13

Paywalls - 21:48

As a Services and Embedded - 23:55

Staking as open source monetization (Dev protocol: - 26:00

Summarizing the open source monetization journey, takeaways, and contact/further engagement (see and - 27:58

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