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OCS 2020 Breakout: Jasmine Jaksic

Jasmine Jaksic is the staff technical program manager at Google, where she leads a portfolio of products including Istio and Anthos. She is the co-founder of Posture Monitor, an application for posture correction using 3D camera. She is also a contributing writer for The New York Times, Wired, Huffington Post and InfoQ. She is the author of 'Life of a Silicon Valley Hipster' - A parody of all things Silicon Valley.

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Come listen to Jasmine Jaksic, Google Staff, TPM

(Jasmine introduces her work at Google, personal life, writing work, and startup) - 0:24

JJ: You’re a founding member of Istio, an open-source service mesh technology. I’d love to get your views on Istio. Maybe you can introduce us to the project with a quick overview, and what does the ecosystem around Istio look like, in terms of the service mesh category? - 1:17

(Jasmine speaks about the Istio ecosystem. See: - 3:40

Working on Istio in this ecosystem and being at Google, what are your views on the business models that are evolving in the commercial open source ecosystem? - 5:07

How do you think through balancing investing in the open-source ecosystem, while also caring for customers who have another set of requirements? (see: - 6:54

On the topic of diversity and inclusion in open source, what do you see as the big challenges? How do you think we can improve and change the state of things to be a lot more diverse than not? (Jasmine references GitHub user survey, in which only 3% of users identified as women) - 14:16

Why is Google so interested in open-source? How is it encouraging more open-source contributions internally and externally? - 19:09

Concluding remarks - 22:53

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