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OCS 2020 Fireside: Hezheng Yin and Lucas Gonze, Merico

Hezheng Yin is the CTO of Merico.

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Lucas Gonze is the Head of Product at Merico.

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Join the Merico team as they discuss the current challenges, solutions, and opportunities, followed by the release of their newest product: Merico Build

If both of you could just give a quick background and intro on Merico, that'd be awesome, and we can kind of dig into what Merico is building. - 0:18

So I'm an early, early investor in Merico. I originally read the dev rank paper, which just jumped out to me as a really cool piece of research, applying similar ideas to the PageRank algorithm that Google proposed and invented for differentiating their search engine early on, but in the world of developers and understanding how developers can be better understood. So perhaps with that, maybe one of you can give us a background on dev rank, and kind of how that how that influences what you're building at Merico. - 1:10

So what gets measured today? Measurement of productivity is a huge kind of problem space, what are people able to understand and measure today, and what’s missing from the quantitative measurement? - 5:08

Tell us about those metrics. What do you think we could uncover that would be a lot more valuable than what exists today? - 6:09

You mentioned how much work and effort goes into a given commit. This feels like a qualitative aspect. Can you talk about qualitative and quantitative components of revealing new metrics? - 8:33

Can you talk about how all of these insights and perspectives have led to building products at Merico and what the latest developments are there? - 9:51

How can people find out about Merico and learn more about everything you’re working on? - 13:30

Walkthrough of Merico product. - 15:05

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