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OCS 2020 Breakout: Steven Mih, Co-Founder and CEO of Ahana

Steven Mih brings over twenty years of experience in sales, business development, and marketing of enterprise technology solutions to Ahana. In addition to his role of CEO, Steven is a Presto Foundation Board Member. Prior to Ahana, Steven was the former CEO of Alluxio and Aviatrix. His multifaceted go-to-market experience spans leading additional organizations including Couchbase, Transitive, and Cadence Design Systems. Steven started his career as a Field Sales Engineer at AMD. Steven holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego.

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Steven shares his views on the latest evolution of OSS offerings - OSS managed services (OSMS) - including what OSMS means, and benefits for end users.

Steven details background in open source, from Couchbase to Mezosphere to - 0:00

Presentation topic: Sharing perspectives on the evolution of open source and β€œOpen Source 3.0: Managed Services” - 1:00

Ahana at a glance - 1:50

About the Presto Foundation <> Linux Foundation - 2:40

Ahana: First cloud-native managed service for Presto - 5:20

Evolution of Open Source Managed Services - 5:51

Open Source 3.0 - Open Source Managed Services - 9:47

Customers Win with Open Source Managed Services - 11:27

Why Managed Services Came to Be - 13:58

Is it a Cloud Managed Service? Difference with OSMS, is it’s focused on the service, not the software, more point-and-click and accessible to users, and more abstraction of underlying layers - 15:21

Shared Responsibility Model: AMI/CFT vs OSMS - 17:10

Providers of Open Source Managed Services. Look for the experts, and specific benefits in the offering - 17:55

The 5 Pillars of OSMS - 19:07

Open Source Managed Services is the Next Step in the Evolution of Open Source - 22:30

Concluding remarks and contacts - 22:30

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