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OCS 2020 Breakout: Dylan Kennedy

Dylan Kennedy is an Expert Partner serving global clients in developing strategy, value drivers and execution delivery in Digital Transformation and around the new landscape of Cloud, IoT, AI and edge computing. |

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Dylan Kennedy, GM/VP of Global Operations at EMQ

(JJ introduces Dylan) Tell us about the story of EMQ, how the technology was created, when the project was launched, when the company was started? - 0:00

So, I would encourage everyone to visit to learn more. It looks like you have Broker, Enterprise and Platform additions around EMQ, the Apache-licensed open source project. I’d be curious to explore how the business went about deciding which value-added capabilities to design around this product suite. How’s that evolved over the years? - 3:38

Can you talk about some industries you are seeing a lot of growth in? What are the use cases associated with that? - 6:33

Are you able to share details on the size of your company? Any figures that can give folks the sense of the progress you achieved? - 7:59

This MQTT technology that IBM proposed and created a new standard protocol for messaging has really created a new ecosystem in the middleware space. How do MQTT tools, landscape, ecosystem look today? - 8:57

I’m curious about the challenges in the marketplace you are seeing. Whether it’s cloud provider competition, proprietary tools… What are the big competitive forces in the marketplace for you? - 11:56

I’d love to learn more about the open source project itself. Are there a lot of external ecosystem contributions? - 14:08

How can the OCS summit get involved in supporting and learning more about EMQ? - 16:18

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