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OCS 2020 Breakout: Moon soo Lee

Moon soo Lee is the CEO and founder at Staroid, a cloud platform designed to deliver open-source software projects as a service to enterprise customers effortlessly. His goal is to build a new healthy, sustainable open source economy that works for both developers, users, along with the cloud delivery (saas) model.

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Moon soo Lee is the founder of Staroid, a cloud platform for open-source project that funds developers.

Presentation topic: How does your open-source project capture value? - 0:00

Moon’s background, from Apache Zeppelin to Zepl to Staroid - 0:17

How Staroid helps open-source projects capture value (see - 3:30

Diving deeper into the fundamental problem, and why Staroid. Looking at Creating Value vs. Capturing Value - 5:31

What’s the problem of capturing value from open source? More and more people consume Software as a Service - 9:03

Future of Cloud and SaaS. In 2030, people may be asking, β€œWhat do you mean installing software?” - 10:29

What open-source projects are best at: Collaborative software development, diversity of ideas β†’ innovation, massive adoption β†’ massive knowledge base (tips, best practices, troubleshooting), bug fixes/security, delivering binary/source packages - 11:00

What open-source projects are bad at: Delivering software as a service (more than bad, there may not even be a capability for this) - 12:00

Cloud providers deliver managed services of open-source projects (and capture value), not the open-source projects/communities themselves. - 12:57

How to help open-source communities capture the value. Direct delivery of open source as a service from developers. - 14:23

Other ways to capture value - 16:10

Conclusions and todo. Open-source projects are losing delivery mechanism β†’ losing value capturing capability β†’ hurting sustainability. Let’s give open-source projects an option to deliver SaaS and capture value from it. What about for pure libraries? That is the future work. - 17:38

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