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OCS 2020 Breakout: Dr. Sebastian Wedeniwski

Dr. Sebastian Wedeniwski is the CIO Technology Strategy & aXess at Standard Chartered Bank. He joined the Bank in April 2017 and is based in Singapore. In this role, he is leading the Bank’s technology and data strategy, enterprise architecture and is driving the Bank’s digital and innovation agenda across the Bank’s markets and business segments. Sebastian is pioneering foundation services, building and operating the aXess platform for Open Banking both internally and externally to offer developers open access to the Bank’s open source code for banking products and its APIs, applications, and libraries. Sebastian is globally building and managing aXess Labs for in-house developers and external partners, and in co-location aXess Academy as a technology learning institute to up skill the technology expertise of the Bank for platforms and partnerships. He manages the bank-wide Technology Standards and API lifecycle. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, he was an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Technology Officer for IBM's global Industrial Sector and started his career as chief IT architect for payment systems in banking environments at IBM Research & Development Laboratory Germany in 1998. Sebastian was a member of IBM’s global Technology Leadership Team, IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team, and the IBM Industry Academy. He was from 2014 to 2016 on an IBM International Assignment in Japan. Before he joined IBM he has founded two software development companies.

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This session will provide an overview about Open Banking and how Standard Chartered Bank has implemented it on the aXess journey.

Introduction - 0:00

A little about Standard Chartered Bank - 0:40

What is Open Banking (An open bank is a bank that shares or consumes business services with business ecosystem partners. Sebastian explains the traditional banking paradigm and how it compares to the open banking paradigm.) - 1:28

Bank’s open source code for banking products and its APIs - (Sebastian explains the mission of aXess, talks about how the innovation via an Open Platform and APIs drives internal and external collaboration. Global markets bring different requirements for different countries, why open source helps with this? ) - 5:00

API - how it works (A new try-it-out feature on aXess’ top page. How to demonstrate how aXess’ brings value - use cases and case studies. ) - 07:05

More business context (How users can explore key features, use cases, reference apps on aXess’ web page. How to write a guide for your users and how to communicate with them. ) - 9:47

aXess developer engagement (How to save time and mitigate security risks by leveraging reusable components. How to discover hidden talent in your ecosystem and bring it out by finding suitable mentors. How aXess created a feature called Gigs, that helps teams inside the bank communicate with the ecosystem and post tech tasks they need help with.) - 11:07

Build connected learners (Sebastian talks about aXess Academy. An agile approach to learning and tailored training. aXess Academy as a forum for networking and evangelization.) - 16:14

How to embed financial services in a context. (Key current pilots: credit card vending machine, pay per use car insurance, facial recognition. aXess coming to China, Malaysia, India. ) - 18:45

Future of Banking (Convenient life - you don’t need to think about banking to do banking. Connecting with several platforms in a seamless and frictionless way. Ensuring client and data privacy and building trust.) - 20:34

(Conclusion and closing remarks) - 22:01

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