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OCS 2020 Breakout: Josh Dzielak

Josh Dzielak is a developer advocate and software engineer, and currently the cofounder and CTO of Orbit. Prior to Orbit, Josh led the developer relations team at Algolia and was the VP Engineering at Keen IO. It was there Josh started developing the Orbit Model, an alternative to the marketing funnel that works better for community and apoption. Community has played a major role in Josh's career, and he seeks to pay it forward by developing tools to help community-minded folks accomplish more & show the impact of their work.

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Come list to Josh Dzielak, developer advocate and software engineer, currently the co-founder and CTO of Orbit.

Josh’s introduction - 0:00

Introducing Orbit, founded in 2019 ( - 0:37

Today we’re going to talk about love: Developer love - 1:04

Podcast: Developer Love ( - 1:51

We ask our podcast guest questions like: What is the secret to winning Developer Love? What are you loving right now? Josh walks through some highlights of answers to those questions. - 2:49

The secret to building things developers love: Create more value than you capture. Principles to help practice this idea. - 6:30

Principle #1: Give developers time and space to breathe, while being unconventionally approachable - 6:59

Principle #2: Treat member experience with the same respect as user and developer experience - 8:22

Principle #3: Track the “gravitiy” of your community to measure the value you create. Walking through the “gravity” metric. - 9:15

Walking through the Orbit Model and concluding remarks (Twitter: @dzello, - 10:35

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Josh Dzielak

Hey everybody! Just hanging out in the comments down here in case there are any questions about the talk or the topics I covered ✌🏻