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OCS 2020 Breakout: Uday Tatiraju

Uday Tatiraju Uday is a tech lead and a principal architect at Oracle with around 15 years of experience building ecommerce platforms, search engines, and ML driven applications. He's an editor at InfoQ and the vice chair of CompTIA's AI advisory council.

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This session talks about super charging existing command line interfaces and graphical user interfaces with conversational AI

Introduction - 0:00

So what is conversational AI? - 2:14

Let's briefly talk about or take a look a the underpinnings of conversational AI - 4:34

Let's talk about BERT and GPT, to get a kind of a sense of what they mean and how it's also helping in terms of energy BERT. - 7:16

How can we leverage conversational AI to enhance the age old command line and well known graphical interfaces. - 8:32

Let’s talk about how we can supercharge user interfaces and what they would look like. - 09:24

What would it look like if we redesigned these traditional serialize with conversational AI at the core? - 10:36

Now that you know what it means to supercharge a command line interface let me walk you through the steps that one can take in order to build these supercharged CLI’s - 12:22

Lets’ take a brief detour and actually discuss Rasa - an open source machine. - 13:29

Let’s redesign our “kubectl” CLI - 15:29

Resign “kubectl” CLI – Intents & Entities - 17:09

Resign “kubectl” CLI – Intents & Entities + Training data - 17:51

Now we can go ahead and actually implement the CLI - 19:50

Supercharged CLI - here's a demo - 21:35

Let's move our focus to supercharged graphical user interfaces. - 22:37

Recap - 25:51

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