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COSS Weekly #107

Here's the one-hundred seventh issue of COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) company category newsletter, brought to you every weekend by the team at OSS Capital, creators and stewards of COSS Community and Open Core Summit.

We deliver only the most fresh 😋 news from the previous week in COSS across: Funding, Content, Jobs, Liquidity and $COSS (Public Markets).

Last week saw Stable Diffusion 2.0, milestones for Forem and Hoppscotch, developments from Meta in AI, the upcoming release of OpenBB 2.0, and more!


💰 COSS Funding

No COSS funding announcements this week.  Look forward to more after the holiday weekend!

📚 COSS Content

  • JJ: "Would a "@Shopify for open source" work? "COSS PaaS Infra" for FOSS maintainers to build mid-sized COSS businesses. Paid features. Support contracts. Billing/Hosting, etc." Link

  • Dion Almaer: "I'm bummed that Kite isn't continuing. It's the time for these tools, and we are already seeing value... and it's growing daily. Very generous for them to open source everything. 👇👇👇 This is a treasure trove!

  • JJ: "Want to build your own social network in the style of @ThePracticalDev? 🫂 Look no further than @Forem. 🌱 Crossing 20K+ stars and 660+ open source contributors. 🔥

  • Didier Lopes 🦋: "After meeting @jmaslek11 18 months ago we have finally met in person! Here is a picture of us from 2022 in front of the Nasdaq tower without OpenBB. We'll come back one day for @openbb_finance PS: the B&W was for the dramatic effect.

  • JJ: "Don't miss the launch event for @openbb_finance 2.0! Shipping a new SDK and AI/ML toolkit. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Godot Engine: "We are excited to announce that the Godot Engine will attend the 2023 Game Developers Conference (March 20-24). See you in San Francisco! #GDC2023" Link

  • JJ: "MongoDB's early financings.. Series A led by @albertwenger --- $11M valuation. Series B by @chazard --- $16M val. Series C by @roelofbotha --- $37M val. Today, these are called "Soil, Pre & Seed" rounds. Also, see @waybackmachine snapshots from same eras (basically pre-GitHub). 📸

  • Ryan Florence: "Remix launched as OSS one year ago today! Yeesh. What a year 😎" Link

  • Wasmer: "🚀 Announcing Wasmer 3.0" Link

  • JJ: "Applying this new AI for governing many aspects of open source projects (maintainer specifies explicit constraints, then delegates natural language consensus-making to the agent) would be awesome. Hard to think of another domain chalked full of diplomacy nuance.

  • Scarf: "Recently @avi_press and @MYonkovit chatted with the CEO of @heroicdev Chris Molozian, on their Hacking #opensouce business podcast. Chris shared how moving to an #opensource model helped Heroic Labs grow. Check out the recap!

  • JJ: "Applying PLG heuristics to COSS startups is oxymoronic. Why? Because the open source core is not a "product" you convert and prosecute in a marketing funnel. Open source users != potential customers. They are pathways to the customer, not the customer." Link

  • "NEW POST: Are the Next 50 Million Developers Already Here? by @kevinsxu #OpenSource #Developer #India #Hashicorp #GitHub $HCP" Link

  • Sid Sijbrandij: "I talked with Docker CEO Scott Johnston about how to build an all-remote company

  • Stability AI: "We are excited to announce the release of Stable Diffusion Version 2! Stable Diffusion V1 changed the nature of open source AI & spawned hundreds of other innovations all over the world. We hope V2 also provides many new possibilities! Link →

  • Stable Diffusion: "Happy to share this HUGE announcement! SD 2.0 for all! 🥳🎉 Comes with text-to-image, depth-to-image, inpainting, and upscaling! Read more ↓

  • Emad: "Some user notes on V2! 🧵 V2 prompts different and will take a while for folk to get used to. V2 is trained on two models, a generator model and a image-to-text model (CLIP). V1 used the CLIP-L14 model open sourced by @OpenAI which was great, but nobody knew what was in it 1/

  • OpenBB 🦋: "Last week, @JerBouma presented at two universities, @lborouniversity and @warwickuni, to showcase the OpenBB Terminal to an audience of well over a 100 students at each event. See the presentation and video here:

  • Eric Allam: "How are COSS companies syncing their public GitHub issues with their internal tools? Other than @calcom's Sync Linear, are their other tools that people are using? cc: @COSS_CommunityLink

  • JJ: "Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who observes 🦃 ... and in particular to every open source creator and founder accelerating an open future for all. 🙇🏻‍♂️🥰" Link

  • JJ: "Meanwhile on Mastodon ... @kelseyhightower 👀

  • JJ: "New "OSS" license that specifically discriminates against any non-human entity from learning/generalizing a given piece of work. Proving infringement / enforcing will be super tricky esp. since humans are just a different type of neural net ourselves. 🤓

  • Liyas Thomas: ". @hoppscotch_io got featured by @Analyticsindiam as the top open source project from India 🤩🤩 Hoppscotch 🚀🚀

  • JJ: "So thankful to all @OSSCapital partners who've helped us achieve this awesome progress for accelerating an open future --- since 2018: 40+ investments 🤝 40M+ users 🤓 400K+ stars ✨ 4k+ contributors 🙇🏻‍♂️ Very humbling to continue growing the largest COSS portfolio in the world. 🌍" Link

💸 COSS Liquidity (M&A + IPOs)

No COSS Liquidity announcements this week.

🛠️ COSS Jobs

  • 5,814 jobs and 255 companies hiring! Link

📊 $COSS - Public Markets

  • $COSS markets up 0.92% last week

  • Latest $COSS markets snapshot below as of market close last Friday courtesy of Koyfin.

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