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COSS Weekly Issue #3 πŸ’₯

COSS Weekly, Issue #3: πŸ’₯November 1st, 2020

Welcome to the third issue of the COSS Weekly, the global Commercial Open-Source ecosystem newsletter brought to you every Sunday by Joseph Jacks and team at COSS Media, OSS Capital and the organizers of Open Core Summit.

Each week, we neatly summarize the latest happenings in COSS, often including objective commentary across primarily the following four areas: Funding, Content, Liquidity, Data.

πŸ’° COSS Funding

Rockset, provider of real-time cloud databases, announces $40M Series B from Sequoia and Greylock. Link

Replicated, a company focused on Kubernetes-Off-The-Shelf Software, announces $25M Series B led by Two Sigma Ventures. Link

Stackhawk, built on open-source OWASP ZAP, announces $10M Series A led by Sapphire Ventures. Link

Pulumi, provider of open-source modern infrastructure software, announces 37.5M Series B led by NEA. Link

CodeSandbox, producer of cloud-based coding environments for seamless developer collaboration, announces $12.7M Series A led by EQT Ventures. Link

πŸ“š COSS Content

What would Databricks be worth in a 2021 IPO? Link

Joseph Jacks: Public companies are more open-source than private companies, thus COSS companies go public 3-5 years sooner than SaaS/others. Link

Matthew Rocklin piece on OSS growth metrics, VC funding, Hockey Stick Growth and GitHub stars. Link

HashiCorp appoints Todd Ford, CFO of Coupa Software, to Board of Directors. Todd will sit as Audit Committee Chair. Link

R. Edward Freeman, father of Stakeholder Theory, interviews Joseph Jacks on new show The Stakeholder Podcast. Link

The Center for New Data, a non-profit focused on creating open access and improved usability with large cloud datasets, is crowdfunding its Observing Democracy project β€” utilizing mobile location data to observe critical trends in the 2020 election. Seeking funds by Election Day to complete the project. Link

πŸ“ˆ COSS Data

  • 🌐 YC COSS: For the first time ever in 2020, 15~ COSS startups have gone through YC in a single year representing 30%+ of the total (50~ since 2006). Our YC COSS dataset tracks and provides granular data on the growing but still small COSS YC alumni.
  • 🏦 COSS Funding 2020: This dataset tracks the latest funding events for all stages of COSS companies, mostly in private markets. For 2020-2021+
  • πŸ“Š COSS Index: The well-known COSSI sheet for the exclusive $100M+ revenue club of COSS companies. New data points and growth happening weekly.
  • 🌩️ AWS COSS: List of COSS services on AWS. Continuously evolving. We plan to offer similar datasets for Azure, GCP, and other major clouds.

As usual, we end with this graphic depicting what we think the next Multi-Trillion-Dollar category in business will be:

COSS Weekly is brought to you via COSS Media, produced by OSS Capital (the first and only COSS-dedicated early-stage investor and platform for COSS founders.

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