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COSS Weekly #112

Here's the one-hundred twelfth issue of COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) company category newsletter, brought to you every weekend by the team at OSS Capital, creators and stewards of COSS Community and Open Core Summit.

We deliver only the most fresh 😋 news from the previous week in COSS across: Funding, Content, Jobs, Liquidity and $COSS (Public Markets).

Since our last edition, there were $106M+ in funding announcements from Chronosphere ($1.6B valuation!), SurrealDB, and Giskard, Confluent's acquisition of Immerok, the Qlik <> Talend merger under ThomaBravo, and content across the COSS space to bring in the new year.

Enjoy, and wishing you a great start to 2023!

💰 COSS Funding: 106M+

  • Chronosphere, a cloud native observability platform, announces $100M in funding at $1.6B valuation led by Alphabet.  Link
  • SurrealDB, a distributed and collaborative document graph database, announced their $6M Seed led by FirstMark.  Link
  • Giskard, providing quality assurance for AI models, announced their first round of funding led by Elaia Partners. Link

📚 COSS Content

  • JJ: "Why will open core become the default for building all software businesses of the future? @sytses explains ... 🤝" Link

  • Peer Richelsen 🗓🍊: "your new year's resolution in 2023 should be to contribute to open source! 🚀

  • Jim Fan: "AI's exponential nature is mind-bending. It took us 32 years to go from recognizing "3" vs "5" (Neocognitron, 1980) to "cat" vs "dog" (AlexNet, 2012). It took us 10 years to go from AlexNet to ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion. Now think about year 2032.

  • TechCrunch: "Inside Matrix, the protocol that might finally make messaging apps interoperable by @psawersLink

  • JJ: "Closed source software is to indirect nuclear energy harnessing ☀️ what open source is to direct nuclear (atomic splitting) energy harnessing. ☢️ Both are powerful, in very different ways." Link

  • TechCrunch: "There's now an open source alternative to ChatGPT, but good luck running it by @kyle_l_wiggersLink

  • JJ: "2022 was an incredible year for @OSSCapital and our portfolio with 11 (eleven) markups, the launch of our second fund, closing 8 new investments, celebrating our 4th year in business, our first major exit and now serving on 8 international boards: 🇧🇷 🇲🇹 🇸🇬 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇮🇪 🇮🇳 🇪🇸 🇨🇭 🤝 🚀

  • lipman: "1/ Open source businesses are fascinating. Here's a quick history on how @huggingface built a $2B co by giving away its software for free." Link

  • JJ: "NEW: @GitHub stargazer stats as of today: 🤓👇🏽 5.8M~ repos have > 1 stargazers 291K~ repos have > 100 stars 38.4K~ have > 1,000 stars 2,700~ @ > 10,000 ✨ 933~ @ > 20K 425~ @ > 30K 240~ @ > 40K 150~ @ > 50K 100~ @ > 60K 70 @ > 70K 57 @ > 80K 43 @ > 90K 36 @ > 100K 19 @ > 150K

  • Hoppscotch: "Looking to get involved with an open-source project in 2023? We'd love your help! Whether it's a quick bug fix, a new feature, or just an idea, all contributions are welcome. Check us out on GitHub at

  • JJ: "
            contribute to open source
    ┃┗━┓┃┗┛┃┃┗━┓┏━┛┃ ┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━┛" Link

  • Open Source Startup Podcast🎙: "Releasing E69 of the Open Source Startup Podcast... ...&& hitting 30K listeners 🤯 Check out our latest episode ft @_willfalcon 👉 CEO of @LightningAI which helps companies turn their AI models into products 💪

  • Godot Engine: "📅 2022 was a big year for Godot. Let's take a moment to celebrate the hard work and milestones that we managed to achieve during the past twelve months. 🎆 See you in 2023! #GodotEngine

  • JJ: "Don't open source something you don't want to commoditize. Open source is a commoditization accelerant. Embrace this, don't resist it. But also don't source available ("fauxpen source") something you market as open source... highly deceitful --- some COSS founders struggle here." Link

  • Star History: "A look back at the top open-source frontend projects in 2022.👀 →Bun @jarredsumner →Fresh @deno_land →Remix @remix_run →Markdoc @StripeDev →Next.js+Turbopack @vercel →Solidjs @solid_js →Tailwind @tailwindcss →Tauri @TauriApps →Vite @vite_js

  • Sid Sijbrandij: "Good for business ≠ bad for open source. My latest post explains why buyer-based open core is the most effective framework for monetizing open source without selling out.

  • Bruce Rogers: "My latest Forbes founding CEO profile: Can Wazuh Become The World's Largest Open Source Cybersecurity Platform And IPO Without VC Funding? via @forbes

  • PEN America: "Twitter rival #Mastodon has rejected multiple investment offers from VC firms. Its founder German software developer Eugen Rochko is pledging to protect the fast-growing open-source social media platform's non-profit status.

  • Scarf: "@PeterZaitsev talks about the reasons why he chose to bootstrap instead of getting VC funding. Peter joins hosts @MYonkovit and @avi_press in this clip from the Hacking #opensource Business Podcast.

  • JJ: "Zoom, Hopin, Hotjar,, Pitchbook, Stripe, Recorded Future, Tanium, ...

  • JJ: "Big congrats to my friends at Thoma Bravo and @OrlandoBravoTB on 20% of their celebrated investments in 2022 being COSS! (@talend and @Instructure

💸 COSS Liquidity (M&A + IPOs)

🛠️ COSS Jobs

  • 4,585 jobs and 259 companies hiring! Link

📊 $COSS - Public Markets

  • $COSS markets down 3.62% last week

  • Latest $COSS markets snapshot below as of market close last Friday courtesy of Koyfin.

Koyfin market data

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