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COSS Weekly #60

Here's the sixtieth issue of COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) company category newsletter, brought to you every Sunday afternoon (Pacific Time) by the team at OSS Capital, creators and stewards of COSS Community and Open Core Summit.

We deliver only the most fresh πŸ˜‹ news from the previous week in COSS across: Funding, Content, Jobs, Liquidity and $COSS (Public Markets).

This huge week saw nearly a billion dollars in COSS funding announcements, from Sysdig, Cockroach Labs, Airbyte, Carto, The Guild, Ory Corp,, Scarf, OpenBCI, Hoppscotch, and ZenML!


πŸ’° COSS Funding: $927.4M

  • Sysdig, providing DevOps solutions for compliance-first organizations, announced their $350M Series G at $2.5B+ valuation led by Permira Advisers. Link

  • Cockroach Labs, makers of a distributed SQL database, announced their $278M Series F at $5B valuation led by Greenoaks. Link

  • Airbyte, building solutions for data integration and ELT pipelines, announced their $150M Series B at $1.5B valuation led by Coatue and Altimeter Capital. Link

  • Carto, leading the way in cloud native spatial analytics, announced their $61M Series C led by Insight Partners. Link

  • The Graph: "The Graph Foundation is happy to welcome the leading GraphQL development team @TheGuildDev as a core developer! The Guild has been awarded $48 million from @graphgrants to contribute to subgraph & protocol R&D to build out API features! #GraphQL " Link

  • Ory Corp, building an open-source identity platform, anounced their $22M Series A led by Insight Partners. Link

  •, making the open-source alternative to Calendly, announced their $7.4M Seed led by OSS Capital. Link

  • JJ: "We @OSSCapital are INCREDIBLY honored to lead's seed alongside a group of the worlds best and most exciting investors! Warm congratulations to Peer and the team @calendso " Link

  • Scarf, building tools to help maintainers understand how open-source projects are being used, announced their $5.3M funding round led by Race Capital and Freestyle Capital. Link

  • OpenBCI, building tools for brain-computer interfaces, announced funding led by Bitkraft VC, re.Mind, and NaHCO3. Link

  • Hoppscotch, making the open ecosystem for API development, announced their $3M Seed led by OSS Capital. Link

  • JJ: "Congratulations to @LiyasThomas on @Hoppscotch_io's $3M seed, led by @OSSCapital, with participation from @Automattic (creators of @WordPress), @Tod, @Austen and @Discord CLO Clint Smith! I am also very honored to be joining the Hoppscotch board. (Continue thread). " Link

  • ZenML, making production machine learning accessible to everyone, announced their $2.7M Seed led by Crane Venture Partners. LinkΒ 

πŸ“š COSS Content

  • peerrich.eth: "19 more days for us to become Product of the Year if you haven't already, consider supporting us on

    @ProductHunt" Link


    @AbeGong & @SuperCoKyle from Superconductive, the co behind the open-source project @expectgreatdata. Full ep -->" Link

  • Wasmer: "We just reached 11,000 stars in Github! Thank you for being the best community a WebAssembly project could ever wish!" Link

  • "NEW POST: Open Source in China: Next Four Years by @kevinsxu #OpenSource #China #Alibaba #Huawei #Baidu #Apollo #TiDB #TiKV #OpenResty #OceanBase $BABA $BIDU" Link

  • JJ: "COSS 2021 State of Union (detailed report forthcoming): Approaching $20B in total funding (VC/PE + IPOs). Nearly 20 public companies, double from last year. 300+ VC rounds globally, Seed to Series H. 15+ new unicorns. Category now worth > $500B." Link

  • Umbrel: "Umbrel 0.4.10 is now out with a brand new app in the Umbrel App Store --- Uptime Kuma, a self-hosted website monitoring tool, @Boltzhq swap support in @RTL_App, updated apps including the latest @lightning terminal app with a security fix, and bug fixes. Just login to update!" Link

  • Remix: "Check out this first community-led @remix_run newsletter!" Link

  • Forem: "5 fun categories. 5 grand prizes, incl $1,500 USD. 10 runner up prizes, incl. $250 USD. 1 community: #DEVCommunity. Learn more about the exciting 'MongoDB Atlas Hackathon' offered by @MongoDB & @ThePracticalDev --- now through Jan 13." Link

  • JJ: "Open source alternatives almost always never immediately (or even over time) fully "replace" incumbents. Instead, they dramatically expand market aperture, accelerate commoditization of undifferentiated features and change monetization rules on the playing field." Link

  • How Hoppscotch is building an open source 'API development ecosystem by Paul Sawers (VentureBeat). Link

  • MLCommons releases open source datasets for speech recognition by Kyle Wiggers (VentureBeat). Link

  • JJ: "Tomorrow at 12:30 PM PT, I'll be arguing the merits of Open Core with friends from @RedHat: @fatherlinux & @nearyd Join us!" Link

  • Guillermo Rauch: "Supporting the Future of React" Link

  • JJ: "Proprietary SaaS can create markets. Open Core SaaS (aka COSS) both creates AND transforms markets." Link

  • Automattic: "It's almost time for #StateOfTheWord! WordPress co-founder and Automattic CEO @photomatt will share his thoughts on the latest industry trends as well as exciting WordPress features and news. Stream the event live today at 5 pm ET (10 pm UTC) at " Link

  • Chatwoot: "'What are your favorite open-source tools? Here is ours.\
    Team communication - @Mattermost\
    Project management - @Focalboard\
    Video communication - @jitsinews\
    Customer engagement - @chatwootapp\
    Scheduling - @calendso\
    Product Analytics -@Posthog'" Link

  • Tim Sweeney: "This is the real battle for the metaverse: not the commercial rivalries between companies like Unity, Roblox, and Epic, who will all contribute to and benefit from open metaverse efforts, but the battle against the digital monopolies which seek to dominate, tax, and exclude." Link

  • JJ: "Oracle raised zero venture capital to create a $40B+ in revenue business, on a proprietary model. ALL Oracle disrupters (largely OSS!) have raised nearly $4B (Cockroach, Mongo, Redis, Datastax, Neo4j, Influx, Yuga, PingCAP, etc etc) and generate only $1B~ in revenue." Link

  • Joe Previte: "Me waiting for Vercel to acquire my open source project" Link

  • Solomon Hykes: "All I want for Christmas is... a quadratic voting system for community decisions in open-source projects." Link

  • JJ: "LEGO <3 OSS." Link

  • JJ: "Extremely impressive work by @Aleph__Alpha towards truly open general AI... " Link

  • AppFlowy: "Wonder how we built AppFlowy with Flutter and Rust? Please check out our first tech article about AppFlowy. If you like it, don't forget to share with your buddies Shout out to infogulch, yangcheng, Luckey-Elijah from our community for helping review." Link

  • JJ: "You know what this means COSS founders! Time to build next generation, open source EHR/EMR platforms!" Link

  • Kevin Xu: "Engineer who first discovered the log4j vulnerability is Chen Zhaojun of AliCloud's Security Team. Securing the Internet is a global effort. Thank you Zhaojun for your great work. " Link

  • Mitchell Hashimoto: "Tis a week of launching redesigns! (1) Terraform docs (now with search!) (2) Vault homepage with better per-use case details: (3) Cloud product landing pages (i.e. Terraform Cloud): " Link

  • JJ: " is to Calendly what GitLab is to GitHub." Link

  • Abhishek Arya: "Google Open Source Insights team provides metrics and valuable insights on the impact of log4j vulnerability on the open source ecosystem. Don't forget your transitive or indirect dependencies, log4j can be even 11 levels deep -" Link

  • Hummingbot Foundation: "The Hummingbot Foundation is excited to introduce the HBOT token, which lets the Hummingbot user base govern how the open source codebase and ecosystem evolves " Link

  • JJ: "Here's a solution to sustaining Log4J development, no license changes required." Link

  • JJ: "Very common pattern in COSS. But... I do wonder when FOSS communities will ask for DAOs to be created instead of / in addition to companies ?" Link

  • Venture Unlocked: "We have @edsim from @Boldstartvc talking with @Samirkaji about starting his career during the dot-com bubble, the opportunity as being a true day one investor, and views on today's VC market compared to past eras. Listen & subscribe at " Link

  • Remix: "We're incredibly excited and honored to work with

    @CloudflareDev on native support for Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Pages in Remix! The future is running your app at the edge. Remix will be there ready to welcome you " Link

  • Pranav Raj S: "Building a #community around a #product is hard. It takes a good amount of effort to create an active group of enthusiastic people about what you are building. Being #opensource simplifies the process. However, continuing the progress without burnout is a balance." Link

  • Christine Hall: "'PeerTube is an open source piece of software that enables anyone to run their own tube site (like YouTube) very easily': PeerTube 4.0 Free Video Platform Comes More Powerful Than Ever " Link

  • Open Source in Business: "We had a fascinating discussion and debate about the term 'Open Core' on this week's episode with @asynchio, @fatherlinux, @rspaik, moderated by @nearyd. #OpenSourceinBusiness " Link

  • Star History: "Hoppscotch, Open source API development ecosystem - #OpenSource version of Postman. From the post 2 years ago, to get 3M seed funding. Congrats! Save the path to 34.5k stars! @hoppscotch_io @liyasthomas " Link

  • peerrich.eth: "@rauchg be like: i like the the open source industry. i buy the open source industry." Link

  • Ben Lorica: "1/ This week on #TheDataExchangePod I speak with @pentagoniac, CEO and co-founder of @aitomatic, a startup building a Knowledge-First AI Application Engine for Industrial AI applications" Link

πŸ’ΈΒ COSS Liquidity (M&A + IPOs)

  • Abubakar Abid: "Thrilled to announce today that @Gradio has been officially acquired by Hugging Face We're going to keep building our open-source library to demo & share machine learning apps, but now with the support of the best ML company on Earth" Link

  • Opstrace: "Opstrace has joined GitLab! With this acquisition, we will bring our open source observability to The DevOps Platform---alongside existing monitoring capabilities---to accelerate adoption and features. And, yes, we're still committed to Apache v2!" Link

  • BrowserStack: "We're thrilled to announce that BrowserStack has acquired @nightwatchjs, the popular open-source test automation framework. Here's how this reinforces our commitment to support the open-source community." Link

πŸ› οΈ COSS Jobs

  • Full-stack Engineer, Back-end Engineer, Front-end Engineer, DevOps Engineer, User Interface / Experience Designer, Product Manager, Developer Relations Manager (Hoppscotch) Link

πŸ“Š $COSS - Public Markets

  • $COSS markets down 2.24% last week

  • Latest $COSS markets snapshot below as of market close last Friday courtesy of Koyfin.

Koyfin market data

This issue of COSS Weekly is brought to you by Mayfield Fund

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